Game of Life Clock

21 October 2013

It’s been a bit of a slow Sunday, usually I’m ok with that, but when I realised I’d chosen housework over working on my pet projects I decided to start a new one. So I set up this website to make myself start writing about things. For my first post I decided to create a clone of something I saw in my feed earlier on.

The article was about a Game of Life Clock that somebody has built. The idea is simple, the clock is constructed from an LED array and the time is refreshed each minute. For each second between the minutes, however, the display follows the rules of Conway’s Game of Life, gradually changing until the next minute is displayed. The whole thing looks much more impressive in the hardware version, you should check it out.

You can view the source over on github if you’re interested.

I based the font on a freely available dot matric font from I’ll fill in the remainder of the font characters shortly and see what interesting patterns different phrases produce